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The Reunion by jennifer Haymore

The ReunionThe Reunion by Jennifer Haymore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Initially it was the title of this book that peaked my curiosity.
"The Reunion", by definition it is the act of coming together again. A wise man once said "Distance is to love like wind is to fire, it extinguishes the small and ignites the great". Read my review here..

If your expecting a long, drawn out, intense love story this is not that book but what this book is will touch your heart and resonate with you because all of us, at one time or another in our lives have felt the magical, zingy, heart-stopping reunion in love; whether its after a lovers quarrel or a long separation we've all felt it and for me Jennifer Haymore did a worthy job at rekindling that feeling, and that's what I look for in a good book; I want to feel the words I'm reading.

So the story introduces us to Zoey Hanson an ambitious and determined 5th grade teacher in an inner-city school in D.C. She strives to make a difference, however small, to the lives of her young students, many of whom have had to endure many a hardship.

After a heart breaking split with her ex, investment banker Nathan Richards, she finally finds herself at peace with the direction her life is taking. She has a job she loves, she is on the verge of buying a house of her own and she is surrounded by friends who adore her. She is proud of her accomplishments and ready to tackle the next big challenge- a holiday with her best friends at Sugar Cay, the challenge? Her old flame Nate will be there.

She braces herself certain that Nate will no doubt be parading his latest supermodel conquest around. Little does she know that Nate has been missing her and is on a mission to win her back after realising that walking away from her to pursue his own ambitions was a mistake. Time and distance have done nothing to suppress their feelings for each other and the sparks that ignite between them are evident to all, however again distance is not their friend. Can they merge their lives this time? or will their love forever be unfinished business?

I really enjoyed this story, it resonated with me on many levels and reminded me that no big love comes without big struggles. A beautiful short story.

*book gifted by author in return for honest review

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