“We are all fools in love” 
― Jane AustenPride and Prejudice

Books give flight to the imagination and have the capacity to enable us to live a thousand lives.
Reading is my everything to me and through this forum I would like to share with you
all the books that have impressed themselves on my heart . 

I started this blog early 2014 along with my Facebook page
Hearts on sleeves book blog

I could never have predicted it would grow as fast as it has and its been an exciting journey that has enabled me access to so many of my absolute favourite authors and make wonderful new friends in the process. I absolutely LOVE discovering new authors so if you are looking for a review or a beta reader or just some plain ol' promo help please email me or PM me via FB, Id love to hear all your news!

We are all about LOVE here at Hearts on Sleeves.

So if your on the hunt for your next big book love affair then look no further,
we will bring you all the latest news, reviews, cover reveals and plenty more...

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