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Title: Prevail (Triumph #3)
Author: S.J. McGran
Genre: Contemporary, NA



Rico Jones

I am an addict. I’m addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pussy. There has been only one drug that has ever

made me feel this high, this invincible, and this… free. It’s a feeling I promised myself I’d never let

myself feel again, but that was before she walked into my life.

She’s worth adding another addiction to my list, even at the expense of my heart.

Riley Andrews

I’m a cold-hearted bitch—at least that’s what I’ve been told over and over again by my ex-fiancĂ©. 

The truth is I’m just a little scared, a lot lost, and broken beyond repair. 

I don’t have the option of breaking down though. 

People are counting on me to help them overcome their own pasts and fears.

 To save them.

But, when my past threatens to destroy me,

 and my future threatens to disappear I’m the one that needs to be saved.

Is it possible for one person to ruin you and save you at the same time?

Prevail Paperback Cover



Well, after many frustrating attempts at completing this review I finally decided to just spill it. Why was I so torn up about it? I'll tell you....Its because I am SERIOUSLY infatuated with Rico Jones to the point that I fear my girly ramblings will not give him due credit.

I fell madly in love with Rico in Conquer (book #2) and was patiently biding my time for book #3.
And let me just say I was not disappointed. S.J McGran nailed it again! Rico was everything I hoped for and so much more. He is a fusion of strength and gentility, of fearlessness and kindness. 
He sees the struggle waging behind Rileys eyes, he recognises the pain there, and he reaches out to her determined to bring her out into the light with him...

"For the first time in a long time I feel like my life has some sort of meaning. Maybe I'm still here, still fighting for no other reason that to help this girl believe in herself. To Make her feel beautiful. I'm more than willing to answer that call".

And answer that call he does. Rico never gives up on Riley even when her past comes looking for her, even when her head and heart are at war; Rico fights for her. And its a beautiful thing to watch.
These two souls, who have endured so much in their lives, find each other at a pivotal time in their recovery, and while Riley slowly begins to trust again she discovers that love not time heals wounds.

"Have you ever wanted to die Riley?" 
"Once...There was a moment in my life-the darkest moment of my life-where i remember practically begging God to just let me die. To make the pain go away". 
"Are you glad he didn't listen?"...

The book is written in dual points of view and S.J. McGran did an exceptional job, as always, with the male perspective. Her writing is effortless and conjures up vivid imagery.
 Her men-  Jarred, Ryan and Rico are among my all time favorite book husbands and I absolutely cannot wait for more from this author....


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About the Author:

One day I woke up and realized there were people living inside of me. Their words were too potent to ignore. So I started writing them. I started telling their stories. And, now I’m too addicted to stop.

When I’m not writing and talking to imaginary people I’m probably curled up on my couch with my husband, and one of our fur-babies—not both because you see my puppy and my cat aren’t quite sure if they like each other yet.

My other obsessions include reading smutty romance, the Detroit Tigers, ice cream, pizza, coffee, and craft beer.

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