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Title: Prevail (Triumph #3)
Author: S.J. McGran
Genre: Contemporary, NA



Rico Jones

I am an addict. I’m addicted to drugs, alcohol, and pussy. 
There has been only one drug that has ever
made me feel this high, this invincible, and this… free.
 It’s a feeling I promised myself I’d never let
myself feel again, but that was before she walked into my life.
She’s worth adding another addiction to my list, even at the expense of my heart.

Riley Andrews

I’m a cold-hearted bitch—at least that’s what I’ve been told over and over again by my ex-fiancé. 
The truth is I’m just a little scared, a lot lost, and broken beyond repair.
 I don’t have the option of breaking down though.
 People are counting on me to help them overcome their own pasts and fears. 
To save them.

But, when my past threatens to destroy me, and my future threatens to disappear
 I’m the one that needs to be saved.

Is it possible for one person to ruin you and save you at the same time?

Prevail Paperback Cover



Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us there are so many things I want to ask but I've managed to narrow it down to these...

Yay! I'm so excited to be here. Thanks for having me. =)

Q: So I’ve read that you went from reader to blogger to author. Can you talk us through that? Was it something you set out to do or was it more like a natural progression for you?

A: I think it was definitely more of a natural progression for me. My girlfriend and I were always discussing books at length and realized we needed to share our opinions outside of each other. Plus, we wanted to share the awesome books we were reading with as many people as possible! One day I asked myself the age old question: “if she can do it, I can do it, too, right?” I just decided I was going to write a book—for no other reason than to prove to myself I could.

Now, I'm so glad I went from reader to blogger to author because I think it grounds me. I realize how important readers are and what they are looking for (at least I hope I do), and I appreciate bloggers so freaking much, ya'll are awesome!

Q: What is a typical day in the life of S.J McGran?

A:Hmm. Mostly I holler at my puppy and chase her around all day. ;) I don't know that there is a typical day. I spend a lot of time on social media interacting with my readers and bloggers. I try to do a little writing every day. I read A LOT. I binge watch Netflix. I take my Spirit-Girl (my pups) for a walk. I spend some time with the hubs. I cook. I clean. Nothing too out of the ordinary. I'm just a normal girl!

Q: Your stories evoke so much emotion. Do you ever draw from personal experience in your stories?

A:Oh, thank you so much--that means so much to me! Um, I think a little of me goes into each of my characters. I don't know that their situations necessarily relate to me, but my characters are definitely a part of me. 

Q: Which of your male & female characters are closest to your heart?

A:Oh! Good question! I think Rico is my male lead that means the most to me, just because he had to go through so much. And, to be honest, when I stared writing Vanquish I had originally planned on Rico and Ang getting together, then I decided I didn't really like Rico all that much and didn't want to give him a story. Then, I fell in love with him all over again and knew he needed someone... better? Stronger? than Angelica. 

As far as female... that's tough! I'm going to say Zhoe. I think she is the most similar to me, so I relate to her a little more. I love her sass and strength.

Q: I've heard that authors are constantly studying and analyzing the world around them. Is that true for you? Do you see stories wherever you go?

A:Oh my gosh, all the time! It may just be a piece of a story, or part of a conversation, or just that little inspiration I needed to get through a writer’s block, but yes authors are the best and creepiest people watchers out there!

Q:Where is the strangest place inspiration has struck?

A:Um, I do a lot of “writing” in the shower. Haha.  It seems like a scene always pops into my head the one time I can't write it down! 

Q:Do your stories evolve as you write or do you thoroughly plan your plot?

A:I start out with a messy plot but I like to let my characters guide me through the story. I typically know how I want them to end, but the middle is completely up to the characters.

Q:What advice would you give to budding authors?

A:WRITE. Stop questioning whether or not you can or can't do it. Just do it. Grab your laptop, or if you're like me go old school with a notebook and pen, and just write. It's going to be awful, it's going to be messy and ugly but that's okay. That's what editing is for. Just write the words, the rest will come later.

Q:Do you find it hard to write sex scenes or funny scenes?

A:Funny. I don't think I'm a funny person by nature so I have a hard time with those scenes--that's where I draw the most inspiration from those around me. My husband is witty and hilarious, I steal a lot of his accidental one-liners (but shh, don't tell him that!)

Q:What's next for S.J.McGran?

A:I'm working on something new, that I'm hoping to release this summer sometime. It's different from the Triumph series. It will be a standalone, but it's a little prettier, a little heavier on the angst and emotions. But I'm really loving where it's headed so far. ;)

Thanks again for taking the time to talk with us. We can’t wait for your next book!!

Thanks so much girl! Love you and your blog so much!


Shattered Heart



sensual heterosexual couple making love

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“Riley.” My voice carries, bouncing off the brick walls. “Riley, stop.” When her pace picks up to a run, I yell louder, my own pace matching hers. “Goddamn it, Riley. Stop.”

She comes to an abrupt halt but doesn’t turn around, doesn’t lift her head. I watch her hands ball into fists the closer I get. I know she wants this—she has to. The chemistry between us is too damn powerful. I, for one, am fucking tired of fighting it. I’m making this girl mine if it’s the last thing I do.

Stepping in front of her I grab her chin between thumb and forefinger. “What are you running from, Kit?”

Her eyes flick up to mine before looking over my shoulder. “Why do you call me that?” Her voice comes out shaky, I can’t tell if it’s fear or desire that’s got hold of her nerves.

Taking two more steps, I invade her space backing her into the brick wall. Placing my hands on the wall I cage her in, forcing her attention. “Because when you get pissed at me you snarl in the most adorable way, like a sweet kitten trying so hard to be ferocious.” Lowering my voice just slightly I continue, “But, just like that little kitten you’re too damn cute to be scary.”

Her sweet lavender scent hits me as she turns her head away from me, her hair brushing against my face. I drop my hands from the wall to grab her hips, I hold her like that for a few seconds, loving the way she feels in my arms. Unable to resist touching her more, teasing her more I slide my palms up her sides, just barely brushing the sides of her breasts. Pressing in even closer I make sure she can feel my erection pressing into her stomach. “I call you, Kit because you purr every time I touch you, baby.” My mouth dips down to take her ear between my teeth—I alternate between sucking and nibbling until I feel her small body let go of the tension she’s been trying so hard to fight and she melts against me. Then that sweet, sweet sound moves past her lips. “That sound. Damn Riley do you even know what that sound does to me?”

Apparently done with her shy girl act, done with the girl that’s afraid of this, she looks up at me and in a raspy, sexy as hell voice asks, “What does it do to you, Rico?”


About the Author:

One day I woke up and realized there were people living inside of me. Their words were too potent to ignore. So I started writing them. I started telling their stories. And, now I’m too addicted to stop.

When I’m not writing and talking to imaginary people I’m probably curled up on my couch with my husband, and one of our fur-babies—not both because you see my puppy and my cat aren’t quite sure if they like each other yet.

My other obsessions include reading smutty romance, the Detroit Tigers, ice cream, pizza, coffee, and craft beer.

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