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Title:  Salvation
Author: Stephanie John
Genre:  Adult Contemporary Romance
Series: The Heal Me Series, Book 1


A chance meeting turned my world inside out.
Intelligent, sexy, and rich. With a dash of roguish charm and a cocksure smile, Nathan Blake is the ultimate fantasy. He can have any woman he wants with only a glance.
And he wants me.
My past has left me broken and humiliated, wary of men like him. I cut myself off from the pain, moving thousands of miles away to escape every reminder, determined to start anew.
Ive been second best before. It isn't happening again.
One kiss and I'm caught under his spell, drawn to him with every breath I take.
I can't resist.
The passion that explodes between us becomes an intense connection neither of us thought wed share.
Or need.
The suffering inside me reflects his a pain I know he feels, but cant bring himself to reveal.
I have no idea his love can heal me that mine can heal him
if only I can let down my guard for him and trust.

Nate prowled behind me, his body heat making mine hum with anticipation as I blindly awaited his next move.  He stroked a finger lazily down my bare back, scattering goosebumps across my flesh.  So creamy and soft, he murmured.  Ive longed to taste your skin for weeks.”  His lips grazed my shoulder, working up to my ear and whispered, But I imagine you knew that already.
My breathing shallowed, my body swaying as Nate played this tantalising game of seduction.  The straps of my dress fell down my arms, his hands leaving a trail of fire on my skin as he eased it off.  His breath hitched.  No underwear?
No bra, I corrected.  He eased the dress over my hips and down my body, and tossed it to the side.
Your legs are spectacular.”  His breath tickled the back of my knee.  Warm hands and soft lips mapped their way leisurely up my thighs until Nate regained a standing position.  Taking both my hands, he wrapped them around the back of his neck and deliberately trailed fingertips down my arms, making my skin tingle.
Feel what you do to me, Kara? he rasped, both hands splaying above and below my navel, urging me flush against him.  His erection strained against his fly, pushing against my arse.
Unable to respond coherently, I whimpered and nodded.  Realising Nate was so hot for me was enlightening.  I arched my back, moving both hands to his hair.
So incredibly sexy.”  His thumb skimmed the lace top of my panties, then he slipped his hand inside, moving down until his finger found my clit.  My body jolted and I gasped.  I cant wait to bury myself inside you.


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About Stephanie

 Most days, youll find Stephanie John on a yacht, wearing a very skimpy bikini, drinking champagne, eating chocolate and never gaining weight. When she isn't asleep and dreaming, in real life youre more likely to find her at the school gates, wearing whatever she dragged on that morning, drinking copious amounts of coffee.  She still eats chocolate, though everyone has their vices, right? Somehow, amidst the chaos of full-time mummy duties, she manages to write.  Contemporary romance has always been her favourite genre to read for as long as she can remember (age-appropriate, of course).
Never in a million years did it occur to her to write one of her own.  Now, she couldn't imagine doing anything else.




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