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Love in Rewind Synopsis:

Emily has the life every woman dreams of.

At 29, she has two beautiful kids, a live-in nanny, housekeeper, cook, and every imaginable luxury in the posh Upper East Side townhouse she shares with her drop-dead gorgeous husband, Louis Bruel. His company, Bruel Industries, owns a big chunk of New York City’s most sought-after real estate, and together Emily and Louis embody the perfect hot fairy tale couple for ten happy years of marriage.

But when Louis mysteriously starts pushing Emily away, becoming distant and secretive, she is forced to search for the truth among the lies, scandal and heartbreak of his past that threaten to shatter her world. What she finds out will test the strength of her love and her vows to the man of her dreams.

Can Emily and Louis rewind far enough back to a time when life was simpler and love was all they needed? Follow their story with the help of some of their favorite songs from the 80’s to discover just how deep and how far love will go.

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Lies in Rewind Synopsis:

"Karma never disappoints. Karma always delivers..."

New York City attorney Sara Klein has created a perfect world for herself with her beautiful lies. A world in which she is the object of every man’s fantasies and the envy of every woman. Only one man knows the truth about the dark secret Sara is hiding, the only man she’s ever loved and can never have.

But Sara’s world of lies starts to unravel the day sexy British heir William “Liam” Knight storms into her life. He’s seeking revenge and answers for past betrayals, and will use anyone he can to get them.

An unlikely friendship between two lonely hearts seeking solace turns into love that will shatter a lifetime of lies, span two continents, and leave Sara facing the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help her God.


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My Review...

What a ride!! I remember when Love In Rewind was first released; everyone was raving about it. I put it on my TBR and then never got to it. I finally had the opportunity to read it this week and I was thrilled!! This book has such a unique feel. The opening scene is masterfully created to hook the reader in, and from those first few pages I began reading at a frantic pace, desperate to find out what was going to happen. Tali cleverly left sign posts throughout the book that had me reeling until I reached a climatic peak that almost had me throwing my kindle across the room! - For me that is the hallmark of a great book and a great author.
The story line resonated deeply with me on so many levels and on many occasions I felt pangs of familiar old wounds.. I connected with Emily & Louis's story big time.
Love in rewind features a multi layered, page turning plot with many angsty twists & turns. The secondary characters are all engaging and worthy of their own stories. Something else I loved about this book was that it also features its own sound track with hyperlinks to many of my fave 80's hits that give this story an added dimension, like 4D reading! 

This book picks up from the very dramatic turn of events we are left with in book 1. However in Lies in rewind we begin to discover more about Emily's best friend Sara who is hiding something, something that runs far deeper than first thought and again we find ourselves propelled into a fast paced and compelling story of lies, betrayal & revenge. Everything I thought I knew was questioned as the pieces to this emotionally charged puzzle started to come together. I was completely taken by surprise by the turn of events and absolutely reeled at the perfectly executed ending. OMG you guys just have to read these books!!!  I cannot wait for book 3 Lost In Rewind. This is a HOS yellow star series!!

*****5 STARS*****
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tali books

"Nothing really to tell, what you see is what you get."

I am every woman out there that has fantasies in her head. I am a daughter, a granddaughter, a sister, a wife, a lover, a mother, and a friend. I happen to also be a Doctor of Pharmacy and a business owner by day, and now a writer by night. Writing and reading help me escape the scary world we live in. I hope my stories help readers experience many different emotions and ultimately, I hope I make them smile…

Writing keeps me sane. I hope reading does the same for you.
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