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There is a place in modern day America with no electricity, no plumbing, and no modern conveniences. In this place, there is no room for dreams, no space for self-expression, and no tolerance for ambition.
In this place, there is a boy with the body of a God and the heart of a warrior. He is strong and faithful and serves his family honorably. But he dares to dream of more.
In this place, there is a girl with the face of an angel and a heart full of courage. To her family, she is the vision of obedient perfection. But she dares to want that which she has been told can never be hers.
Becoming Calder is the story of good versus evil, fear versus bravery, and the truth that the light of love has always found its way into even the darkest of places... From the beginning of time, to the end of the world.

THIS IS THE FIRST PART IN A TWO-PART SIGN OF LOVE SERIES INSPIRED BY AQUARIUS. THE SECOND PART, FINDING EDEN, WILL RELEASE SIMULTANEOUSLY. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.(less)


Ok where to start…(ugh... nothing I write here is going to adequately convey how incredible this book is!) so, I knew I was in for a treat when I commenced reading Becoming Calder, I mean its Mia Sheridan for cryin out loud! But it still completely surpassed all of my expectations. How does she do it? How does she come up with these incredible and unique stories? Every. Single. Time?

As I started settling into the first few pages I could already feel Mia beckoning me to follow her like the Pied Piper, her delicately woven words and mesmerizing prose calling to me, inviting me into the unknown…and I followed willingly, enchanted and present in every single scene, every page; I was no longer reader but voyeur watching it all unfold before me. 
***That’s the “Mia Sheridan effect”***

Calder & Eden live in a world where every person has their place and serves their purpose. Even as a young boy Calder knew his responsibilities and carried them out dutifully, but somewhere in the depths of his soul he longed for more. Just as that restlessness starts to take hold of his heart, a young girl known only as Eden is brought to live in the community.

"My beloveds", Hector said "Today is a day filled with the glory of the Gods, today is the day you all meet Eden"

Eden, is just eight years old when she is brought to live in Acadia. She is exulted as the "blessed one" by those around her and tended to like a princess, however she is isolated from the other children and is desperately lonely. Then she meets Calder Reynes and for the first time she experiences what has for so long eluded her; friendship.

Despite her youth and shy nature she exudes a strength and determination beyond her years...
  "Eden yeah, she was definitely a morning glory: as pretty as a flower, with the strength of a weed"
But sadly she is resigned to the fact that her future is promised to Hector, the dangerously influential leader of their community.

Despite her predestination she clings to her dreams for life beyond the walls of Acadia, a life filled with possibilities of true love but she, along with all the others, have been indoctrinated and coerced into believing her destiny is linked to the salvation of the entire community and therefore she must fulfil her duty as the chosen one. But her heart has already chosen Calder and she finds her self drawn to him, helplessly in love with the beautiful "water bearer".

"Why? why did you make him so beautiful to me if I can never have him? Why? Why? Why?".

She is not alone in her desires, before long Calder becomes enraptured by this innocent and pure princess and despite his attempts to repress the feelings arousing deep within he finds he can no longer resist her.

"She was captivating, amazing. And Gods help me, the seed of love that had taken root started to grow. I swore I could feel the velvety tendrils moving through me wrapping around the vital part of who I was. I was helpless to stop it. She had invaded me. "She isn't yours" I whispered"

A deep kinship begins to spark between them marking the beginning of a beautiful journey into forbidden, powerful and unadulterated love that threatens to disrupt not only the carefully manipulated balance of life within their community but also their very lives!


This story has EVERYTHING and you the reader are in for one hell of a ride!

Mia Sheridan’s books are consistently outstanding and this is certainly no exception. I absolutely LOVE… and I mean LOVE her matchless brand of men - Beautiful, strong, intelligent, honourable men with good old fashioned manners and moreover impeccable dental hygiene...sigh... Heaven knows there is nothing sexier than a man who knows how to floss! 

Archer, Leo, Carson and now Calder, these boys, MY boys, all make me want to be a better woman… Oh Mia I take my (proverbial) hat off to you.

Becoming Calder deserves nothing less than a galaxy of sparkly little stars but since Amazon doesn't recognise that rating I can only give it 5 AMAZING, HEARTFELT, BRILLIANT, ASTOUNDING, BEAUTIFUL STARS!!!

Release date: October 5,2014

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